Thursday 25th October


9.30-10.00 Registration


Session 1

J. Cole, J. Galway Witham & C. Stringer



Human physical and behavioural evolution during the last one million years

10.20-10.40 P. Randolph-Quinney



Hominin mortuary practices and Homo naledi: taphonomy of differential decomposition signatures from the Dinaledi Chamber
10.40-11.00 P. Skoglund Genomic models of early modern human populations in Africa
11.00-11.20 E. Scerri Population structure and the pan-African origins of Homo sapiens
11.20-11.45 Coffee




Session 2

R. Bynoe, N. Ashton, S. Lewis & S. Parfitt



Hidden archaeology at Happisburgh: derived finds and diving research

12.05-12.25 M. Pope, R. Davis, A. Evans, S. Parfitt & M. Roberts


A new interpretation of short term group behaviour at the GTP17 horse butchery site, Boxgrove
12.25-12.45 P. García-Medrano, N. Ashton, M.-H. Moncel, A. Ollé & A. Evans


The European Acheulean: a new look from the West
12.45-1.05 R. Davis, S. Lewis, N. Ashton, M. Hatch, S. Parfitt, P. Hoare


The early Palaeolithic of the Breckland: old sites and new questions
1.05-1.55 Lunch




Session 3

D. Bridgland & M. White



Handaxes as evidence for age; further vindication of Derek Roe

2.15-2.35 A. Rawlinson & L. Dale The Purfleet interglacial: changes in lithic technology during the final Lower Palaeolithic
2.35-2.55 R. Bates, M. Bates, A. Shaw, B. Scott, M. Pope & J. Mills La Cotte, Neanderthals and Goldilocks: investigating hominin adaptations in the submerged landscapes of the Normano-Breton Gulf
2.55-3.15 A.-L. Ravon, G. Marchand, P. Olmos Benlloch, Y. Bernard, C. Hamon, M. Laforge, C. Martin, C. Mougne, M. Onfray, L. Quesnel & D. Roué


A Middle Palaeolithic rock shelter in the middle of the Channel (Brittany, France): natural threats and archaeological solutions
3.15-3.40 Tea




Session 4

M. Bates



Quaternary palaeogeography: what are we doing with our maps?

4.00-4.20 R. Miller, K. Wilkinson, M. Knul, P. Noiret, N. Zwijns, D. Flas & J. Stewart


Trou Al’Wesse, Liège province, Belgium: an update on the excavations from 2003-2016
4.20-4.40 S. Nicholson, D. Fleitmann, A. Pike, R. Hosfield, H. Cheng, D. Sahy, J. Woodhead


MIS 5.5 Arabian palaeoclimate: timing, variability, seasonality and Homo sapiens dispersal
4.40-5.00 H. Groucutt The first hominin fossil from Arabia and its implications for understanding the dispersal of Homo sapiens out of Africa
5.00-6.30 Wine reception


Friday 26th October


9.30-10.00 Registration


Session 5

A. Milks




‘Simple’ vs ‘complex’: linear models and narratives of prehistoric weaponry

10.20-10.40 N. Reynolds



Recent developments and outstanding questions in the study of the Mid Upper Palaeolithic of European Russia
10.40-11.00 C. Lucas, S. M. Bello, J. Galway Witham & C. B. Stringer


The perforated batons from Gough’s Cave (Somerset, UK): ‘chaîne opératoire’ and use
11.00-11.20 H. J. O’Regan, J. Stewart & M. Knul


Best of neighbours? Exploring the relationship between people and brown bears in Lateglacial Britain
11.20-11.45 Coffee


Session 6

J. Cook




What’s in a name? A review of the origins, history and unsuitability of the term Venus figurine

12.05-12.25 B. Ochoa, P. Pettitt & M. García-Diez


Style as a tool for dating Palaeolithic art: a case study from the North of Spain
12.25-12.45 C. Conneller, S. Bello, E. Blinkorn, A. Little, R. Kroger, M. Bates, S. Duffy, A. Needham, M. Pope, B. Scott & A. Shaw


The Magdalenian plaquettes of Les Varines, Jersey, and the settlement of the Channel River Valley
12.45-1.05 R. Jennings, C. Ruth, P. Ditchfield, C. Edwards, E. Ersmark, B. Fitzgibbon, C. Hunt, L. Girdland-Flink, P. Kenny, F. McDermott, P. Skoglund, T. White & C. Ó Drisceoil


In search of an Irish Palaeolithic at Ballynamintra Cave, Co. Waterford
1.05-1.55 Lunch


Session 7

V. Gaffney & S. Fitch




Places matter: lost frontiers and the task of turning Doggerland from a map into a landscape

2.15-2.35 T. Elliot The Mesolithic in the Marches: geochemical sourcing of lithics from the Lower Wye Valley, UK
2.35-2.55 J. Small, L. Basell & P. Woodman Investigating pits in the Irish Mesolithic: a GIS Analysis of Mount Sandel
2.55-3.15 T. Booth, S. Brace, Y. Diekmann, Z. Faltyskova, N. Rohland, S. Mallick, M. Ferry, M. Michel, J. Oppenheimer, N. Broomandkhoshbacht, K. Stewardson, S. Walsh, M. Kayser, R. Schulting, O. E. Craig, A. Sheridan, M. Parker Pearson, C. Stringer, D. Reich, M. G. Thomas & I. Barnes


Cheddar Man and the genetics of Mesolithic Britain
3.15-3.40 Tea


Session 8

F. Martínez-Sevilla & S. Piper





Continuity or change? Approaches to inferring Mesolithic population in the south of the Iberian Peninsula through indirect data

4.00-4.20 O. García-Puchol, A. Cortell-Nicolau, A. Diez Castillo, J. Juan Cabanilles, S. McClure, S. Pardo-Gordó & J. Bernabeu Aubán Cocina Cave: a key site for the Late Mesolithic in the Western Iberian Mediterranean
4.20-4.40 M. Blessing


In between the worlds? Getting started with research on the Mesolithic in Upper Lusatia (Saxony, Germany)
4.40-5.00 C. P. Heron, H. K. Robson, A. Lucquin, B. Courel & O. E. Craig Exploring the innovation, function and dispersal of ceramic container technology: insights from organic residue analysis

 Poster sessions (during breaks)

R. Hosfield, R. Batchelor, H. Fluck, C. Green & P. Flintoft – Curating the Lower & Middle Palaeolithic

F. McDowall – ‘The First Humans’: How the Palaeolithic is presented and perceived in Museums in Britain

R. Scott – Finding Fire: An experimental geoarchaeological approach to understanding the taphonomic effects of fire

F. Beresford – Establishing the original context for the Palaeolithic material from Twydall Chalk Pit on the south bank of the Medway Estuary in Kent

B. Scott, M. Bates, R. Bates, A. Shaw, M. Pope & S.Duffy – Lost landscapes of La Manche: intertidal Pleistocene sites in Jersey

D. Minnikin, O. Lee, H. Wu, G. Besra & S. Lautenschlager – Tuberculosis lipid biomarkers and micro-CT scanning provide new insights into Pleistocene mammalian extinctions

A. Slade – Have you heard the one about the Paleoindian and the horse? Human and equine association in Late Pleistocene North America

W. Mills – Questions concerning the Creswellian, Hamburgian, Early Azilian and Early Federmesser in relation to lithic assemblages of South-East England

M. Niekus – A bruised blade of the Late Ahrensburgian in Drenthe (northern Netherlands)

S. Carter – Ice & Fire: 10000 years of heritage in a fragile community landscape

A. Needham, S. Croft, R. Kröger, H. Robson, C. Rowley, B. Taylor, A. Gray Jones & C. Conneller – The earliest Mesolithic ochre artefacts in Britain? Results of Micro-Raman Spectroscopy and microscopic analysis of ochre artefacts from Palaeo-Lake Flixton, North Yorkshire, UK

Glas – Scattered human remains in the Mesolithic – a funerary or a non-funerary practice?

Turner – Use-wear analysis of Mesolithic woodworking and artefacts from wetlands

H. Guinn Jennings – Analysing the significance of Mesolithic tree throw features in the Stonehenge World Heritage Site

C. White – Further investigations of flint and black chert tool production during the Mesolithic period of Anglesey, North Wales

J. Perkins – Niche Construction in Mesolithic Ireland